Thursday, 6 November 2014

Top Prettiest Japanese styles to look for

Simple yet charming and attractive, The blue polka dot dress with white collar is so soft that it will make the baddest girl turn into a innocent little munchkin. This isn't applying anything sexual but the combination is very attractive in my opinion.

Gyaru style revolves around cute things. This particular outfit has a certain things which are very stylish and jaw dropping. Please mind how the garment blouse with a black bow doesn't show nudity, none the less the charm is still there, The blouse is tucked in short shorts that have two bow brooches that give this outfit a vintage look, and to finish that vintage style there is a pink satchel and a plaid bag to go with it. The sock ankles are great and probably an essential part mainly because of the garment blouse, then we have wonderful high-top heels that just complete the style.

I mainly enjoy the Lolita style because of the Victorian look, It shapes the figure of the body, adds sex appeal as well as intelligence, and the charming feminine garments depict a creative character. The bows however imply a rather cute side, nothing too serious or businessy.

Now, as far as this outfit I think the plaid texture is very charming and just fits perfectly with the white contrast and grey silk bows. It is a bit classy but not to a point that you couldn't wear it casually at home.

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